What is Fluxbuntu?

Fluxbuntu is a modern operating system based upon the extremely successful and powerful Linux and GNU technology base.

Why Fluxbuntu?

Although there are a plethora of options available to an individual who wishes to harness a Linux / GNU environment, we believe Fluxbuntu fills an extremely important niche. Fluxbuntu was created for the user who wishes to utilize the massively popular and versatile Ubuntu distribution base while minimizing the impact on their system's resources. To this end, we firmly believe that Fluxbuntu is the wisest choice for anyone seeking a low profile operating system -- from performance enthusiasts to people who need a lightweight operating system to breathe new life into an old computer.

We know you have exceptionally high standards for your computing environment. So does Fluxbuntu.


Your computer is a big part of your life, and we know that. Clunky isn't an option.

Fluxbuntu strives to deliver a lightweight computing environment wrapped in a fully functional and elegant experience.

Right after you install your system, you will be browsing the web with the innovative Kazehakase browser and managing all of your email with the powerful Sylpheed-Claws mail application.

Need more functionality? Feeling different? Fluxbuntu, being built on the hugely popular and massively powerful Ubuntu distribution, makes it simple to experience the enormous and ever-expanding library of Free Software.

We want Fluxbuntu to be your favorite, flexible and minimalist starting point. Powerful, productive, and lightweight? Of course.


How do you get Fluxbuntu?

We have done all of the hard work for you by creating a special file that you simply download. Once you have finished the download, the file can be burned to a standard writeable compact disc. You might already have CD writing software on your computer to burn the disc, and if you don't there are many publically available tools at your disposal. Once you have your Fluxbuntu disc, just pop it into your drive and follow the installation steps.

It doesn't get any easier than that. No adware. No spyware. No hidden charges or nag screens. Fluxbuntu is 100% Free Software, and that means you won't be selling your freedom or privacy to anyone. Not only that, the vast library of tools and applications available to you after installation means you will be able to immediately be creating PDFs or other documents, making a webserver to begin your web development, or simply using your computer to meet your lifestyle needs.

So what are you waiting for?


It's a new system for you.

We all need help with new things sometimes, and sometimes we need it fast. Fluxbuntu has a thriving community of users to help you along your way.

You can search the forums or wiki pages for help written by people just like you. And don't forget IRC. Start up your preferred IRC client, join the dedicated Fluxbuntu IRC channel, and quickly find someone to help you out of your current dilemma.

At its core, Fluxbuntu is a collaborative community. You can very quickly join in and help shape our future. If you desire and are willing, you can begin to create help pages for future users or even create critical parts of the operating system itself. While this might seem like an alien and unfamiliar thing to mainstream computer users, it is a key part of the excitement and fun of Free Software.

Help for people by people. Say goodbye to those tech support robots.